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Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Firefighting (Short)

Course Name:

Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Firefighting (Short)

Course Price:

€ 425

Short Description:

1 day course.
Under the STCW 2010 requirements for training and certification, holders of a fire prevention and fire fighting certificate will require updated proficiency training every five years in fire prevention and fire fighting.

Course Type:

STCW Refresher training

Full Description:

This is a practical one day fire course involving the use of breathing apparatus, hoses, nozzles and extinguishers.

NOTE: Delegates undergoing fire fighting training will be required to complete and sign a confidential medical declaration to make us aware of any health problems, disabilities or injuries that we may need to take into account whilst attending this physically demanding course.  It is therefore essential that delegates feel healthy and are physically fit to undertake such training.