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VTS- V-103/1Operator Underpinning Knowledge

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VTS- V-103/1Operator Underpinning Knowledge

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€ 1895.00

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Candidate VTS Operators with acceptable marine qualifications are introduced to the underpinning knowledge required to provide safe and efficient vessel traffic services.
Entry Requirements / Course Pre-requisites

English as a first language or IELTS
and either
Suitable Marine Qualification
Module 4 Nautical Knowledge and Module 6 VHF Radio (Partial)
Existing VTS Operator and Module 4 Nautical Knowledge
As per IALA VTS 103-1 (2009)
Module 1: Language
Module 2: Traffic Management
Module 3: Equipment
Module 5: Communication Co-ordination
Module 6: VHF Radio
Module 7: Personal Attributes
Module 8: Emergency Situations