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Remote Online ECDIS Type Specific (Sperry & JRC)

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Remote Online ECDIS Type Specific (Sperry & JRC)

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€ 1087.00

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This online course is aimed at giving participants the key knowledge and skills needed to operate the onboard ECDIS equipment to the company standard.

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GAC Training & Service Solutions has launched four flexible on line courses, open to both group and individual bookings, hosted by the Chevron Shipping Centre of Learning & Development in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Remote Online ECDIS course is an online course that is introduced by the instructor online and the participants carry out the research and tasks individually over 16 hours.
It covers the theory and practice of using the ECDIS so that the individual is capable of demonstrating their ability to pass the approved company type specific and refresher assessments.
Once the participant has passed the assessment a type approved ECDIS certificate and an ECDIS refresher certificate are issued.
The course is designed for all deck Officers.
Course feedback will be sought on completion of delivery.

Entry Standards
The course is open to any certificated deck officer who has completed a generic ECDIS course. 

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