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Control and Automation (Glasgow)

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Control and Automation (Glasgow)

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Short Description:

Aims: To improve the Control and Automation knowledge and skills of Engineers and Electricians on board Chevron Shipping operated vessels. To develop skills in the installation and operation of equipment used in the process control field.

Course Type:

Petrochemical, Oil and Commodities

Full Description:

GAC Training & Service Solutions are delighted to offer our customers the following course, in collaboration with the Chevron Shipping Centre of Learning & Development.

Course Location: Glasgow, Scotland.
Course Synopsis –

Control and Automation is a 40 hour, learner focused, simulation-based training course that develops Process Control and Automation competence with the overall goal of improving knowledge and skills in advanced process control and three-element boiler control.


The course is run over one week covering the measurement of pressure, flow level, and temperature in the first two days with a focus on the study of the measurement devices used.  The rest of the week covers process control and advanced process control with a focus on determining the dynamic characteristics of a process to fine tune the Proportional, Integral, and Derivative values for optimal control of a pressure, flow, and level process.

The topics covered during the course are:

  1. Measurement of, Pressure, Flow, Level, and Temperature
  2. Process Control
  3. Advanced Process Control
  4. Single-Element, Two-Element, and Three-Element Boiler Control


The course is designed for all Engineering and Electrical officers desiring or requiring improving their knowledge and skills in process control and automation.

Entry Standards –


Licensed Engineer and Electrical Officers.


Course Certificates -

A Control & Automation certificate shall be issued to participants with complete attendance and achieve the learning objectives as detailed.

Course Intake Limitations -


The course is limited to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 Engineering/Electrical officers. 

The maximum number of participants is due to the size of the Lab-Volt workstation and to ensure all participants get maximum exposure to all elements of all the exercises.