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Engineer Officer Hydraulics (Glasgow)

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Engineer Officer Hydraulics (Glasgow)

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The aim of the course is to give the participants the knowledge, skill and understanding to be able to demonstrate proficiency in the safe use of hydraulic machinery. On completion of the course, the participant will have the knowledge to safely operate hydraulic machinery, understanding the basic principles involved in its use. Basic faults will be able to be diagnosed.

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Petrochemical, Oil and Commodities

Full Description:

GAC Training & Service Solutions are delighted to offer our customers the following course, in collaboration with the Chevron Shipping Centre of Learning & Development.

Course Location: Glasgow, Scotland. 
Course Synopsis 

The Hydraulic Basic course intends to provide the knowledge, skills and understanding to operate and diagnose basic faults on hydraulic circuits designed to simulate typical applications that may be found on merchant vessels.  Participants will build various hydraulic circuits and will then diagnose and repair faults that are present given a set of fault criteria.

The course is of 16 hours duration.

The main topics to be covered during the course are:

  1. Hydraulics safety
  2. Basic Hydraulic Principles
  3. Hydraulics simulator familiarisation
  4. Basic Circuit Development
  5. Pressure Relief valves
  • Direct acting pressure relief valve
  • Pilot operated pressure relief valve
  • Series resistance
  1. Pressure Control Valves
  • Sequence valve
  • Counterbalance valve
  • Pressure reducing valve
  1. Troubleshooting Hydraulic Components

The course is designed for all Engineers, ETOs, and AEOs.

Entry Standards

The course is open to all Engineer Officers/ETOs/AEOs.

Course Certificates -

Certificates will be issued to participants with complete attendance and achieving the learning objectives and assessment as detailed.


Course Intake Limitations -


The course is limited to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 Engineer officers/ETO/AEO