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Engineering Training

Ships are complicated. In many respects they are like small housing schemes that move attached to an industrial complex which contains a power station and some very large diesel plant. These need to be constantly maintained and fixed just like any factory or housing scheme. Because ships move they present special difficulties and challenges to both maintain and fix when broken. The logistical problems of maintenance in itself can be daunting. That’s the job of the mechanician - the cornerstone of the engineering staff aboard ship.

  • Make sure you have spares.
  • Make sure that the spares are properly catalogued
  • Make sure that they don’t go missing and that they are replaced when used
  • Make sure you have enough Fuel Oil and Water for your journey some in reserve
  • Make sure that the people who need these stores and supplies are supported properly as they need support.

Of course that’s not the whole story either. You can have all the spares and stores in the world but if there’s no one to use them correctly, then they’re of little use. This is where the Trades and Craftsperson comes in. Their specialised training allows for the proper use of resources for maintenance and repair at sea. They keep the lights on, the engines turning and the seawater out, so that the ship can complete its journey on time and safely.

These are the tradesmen:

They are trained specifically to cope with all the situations they are likely to encounter at sea and come out smiling.

Engine Room Artificers