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Bridge Simulator Training

Bridge simulation training at NMCI is conducted by both civilian and military instructors. It is an invaluable tool in the maritime educational process, not only at officer of the watch standard but also at more basic levels. It allows for the training of students in a safe environment without the alternative i.e. the utilisation of actual craft where the dangers may be all too real!

Simulation affords the opportunity to train students in a simulated realistic environment on board virtual computer generated craft which have all the characteristics of real ships. The utilisation of scenario based training affords the students the opportunity to augment skills and simultaneously affords instructors the opportunity to safely assess students.

In this respect, students at basic levels can practice the ordinary ship functions such as steering ships, the duties of bridge lookout or even the operation of radar etc, whereas training that demands higher standards of competence, at watchkeeping and ship command level, can be conducted by the application of complex scenario based exercises.