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Team Building

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Team Building

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The college provides Team Building courses to suit our clients from all areas of industry. Our instructors deal with conflict resolution and stress management alongside our action-learning programmes.

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NMCIS Team Building:

  • Boost Moral!
  • Build Team Identity!
  • Discover Talents!
  • Communicate Key Messages!
  • Deepen Relationships!
  • Refuel Enthusiasm!

…all at the NMCI.

NMCI provides Team Building courses to suit our clients from all areas of industry. These courses can involve group exercises in our environmental pool, damage repair unit and our 360 degree bridge simulator. This high end team building program involves both outdoor and indoor challenges and problem solving.
Team building is an important task for any manager. One can always assemble a team, but building up a team to perform at its best is not a given. As the cliché goes, there is no “I” in team. Every individual contributes to the success – or failure – of the team, and the best way to get to the top is to make sure that the whole team operates as one efficient unit.

The NMCI has some of the most modern facilities in Europe to deliver a unique team building day.
Our packages include varied Team building exercises and the clients may select and tailor their own day:

We use a variety of different facilities during the course of a typical team building day. We use our Bridge Simulators, Environmental Pool, and Damage Repair Unit. Along with our Instructional Unit, Gymnasium and College grounds to enhance the experienced. This is no ordinary team buidling day!

Environmental Pool

The sea survival pool simulates conditions at sea (wind, rain, thunder, lightning, heavy swell, etc.) to give the ideal environment to build your team under trying circumstances. The intensity of the conditions may be adjusted to suit each group.

Damage Repair Instructional Unit - A unique team building experience

The NMCI’s Damage Repair Instructional Unit (DRIU) sinking ship simulator may be hired for a ‘one of a kind’ team building experience for up to 12 people.

It is the ideal setting for team training that encourages quick thinking, rapid response and high levels of communication and teamwork, offering a unique hands-on learning experience for your team.

Team cohesion, communication and clear-headedness is tested as cold water floods in from multiple breaches of the ship’s hull in a highly realistic scenario for all participants.

Class A’ Full Mission Bridge Simulators

Simulation affords the opportunity to bond team members in a virtual environment on board a computer-generated craft with all the characteristics of a real ship.

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