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Long Route Refresher (5day)

In conforming to the provisions of STCW Convention Regulation 1/14, and section A-1/14, of the STCW Code, companies must ensure that seafarers assigned to any of their ships have received refresher and updating training as required by the convention.

Seafarers required to hold any of the certificates of proficiency listed below shall, every five years, provide evidence of having maintained the required standard of competence to undertake the tasks, duties and responsibilities.

Seafarers validating their CoC or CoP after 1st January 2017 will be required to submit documentary evidence of having completed such training.

Delegates who have not kept their training up to date and are unable to sign a self-declaration form will have to complete the Long Route Refresher Training (5 days for all 5 courses).

Long Route Refresher Course links;

Please click on the following links for the individual course bookings and upcoming course dates;

Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting – (Full day/ €490)

Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques-  (Full day/ €385)

Updated Proficiency in Survival Crafts & Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats – (Full day / €350)

Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting – (Full day / €350)

Updated Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat – (Full day/ €385)


There are a number of pre-requisites attached to each of the courses above, please read these carefully as admission to the course may be revoked if you don’t meet the criteria.



Prior to attending your upcoming STCW refresher training please CLICK HERE to read and ensure that you have the required pre-requisites.

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