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Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS) OPITO Approved

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Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS) OPITO Approved

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€ 675

Short Description:

The FOET with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) & Compressed Air Emergency Breathing (CA-EBS), is a 1 Day course and is OPITO approved. 

Course Type:

Offshore & Renewable Courses

Full Description:

This course is often referred to as "Survival Refresher" or "BOSIET Refresher". This FOET with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) & Compressed Air Emergency Breathing (CA-EBS), is a 1 Day course and is OPITO approved. This course will give delegates the opportunity to practice and demonstrate emergency response skills which are not possible to practice during offshore drills, exercises and emergency training.

This course is a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, during which delegates will be required to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding of the training programme content.”

By the end of this training programme, delegates will be able to:

Demonstrate, in a simulated enviornment, that they can use the safety equipment and follow procedures in preparing for and during helicopter emergencies - with particular focus on escaping from a helicopter following ditching.

Demonstrate that they can used basic firefighting equipment effectively, and use   self-rescue techniques in low visibility and completely obscured visibility situations e.g. smoke filled areas.

Demonstrate that they can perform basic first aid.


Award: An OPITO approved certificate will be issued upon successful course completion.

Revalidation - The FOET is valid for a 4 year period.


National Photographic Idendification/Passport/Drivers License, Medical Certificate, Swim wear and towel.

For pool activities it is advisable to bring a change of clothing i.e.

T-Shirts, tracksuits etc.

N.B.-On the day of training please be in the Reception area of the NMCI by 8.45am.
The course will finish at approximately 5:30 pm each day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Under OPITO regulations, delegates MUST complete this course before your previous BOSIET or FOET certificate expires.

Please note, joining instructions are sent to all delegates in advance of training. If your company has made a booking on your behalf, joining instructions will be sent directly to the booker. These should be forwarded to you. If you do not receive your joining instructions at least 2 days in advance of the course, please contact our admin team.

The BOSIET CAEBS, FOET CAEBS & HUET CAEBS standards are changing.

There will now be shallow water CAEBS training incorporated into the course.

Delegates will be required to produce one of the three certificates outlined below:-

Produce a valid, unexpired Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) offshore medical certificate confirming the delegate’s fitness for offshore work.


A valid, unexpired, medical certificate of fitness to work at sea.


A valid, unexpired offshore medical certificate issued by a body outside of the UK which is recognised as equivalent to the OGUK medical certificate of fitness for offshore work.

In addition to the above the delegate will be required to produce:-

A certificate of fitness to undertake shallow water CA-EBS training issued by a registered OGUK examining doctor.


In the case of a Seafarers Medical with restrictions, produce a statement from an appropriate registered practitioner that the restriction or condition does not result from a respiratory or ENT condition and there is no absolute contraindication to the shallow water delegate’s participation in the training.


On the date on which the delegate is to undertake shallow water CA-EBS training, and prior to entering the water in which the training takes place, the delegate gives to the OPITO-approved Centre a statement, that to the best of the delegate’s knowledge and belief, the delegate has no (current or past) medical condition which makes the delegate unfit to participate in the training.

You can book an OGUK medical and undertake the examination to obtain an OGUK medical together with the certificate to undertake shallow water CA-EBS Training by contacting Corporate Health, contact details below. Please contact the clinic in plenty of time to secure your preferred appointment date.

Corporate Health Ireland

Cork Office             021-4350360      

Dublin Office            01-6701820          

Limerick Office        061-303975                                      

For any queries please contact the admin team on + 353 21 4335609