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Water Safety Awareness Award (General & Pool)

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There are no prerequisites for entry to the course. Award Certificate Validity two years

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Water Safety Awareness Award (General & Pool)

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Short Description:

The aim of this Award is to enable personnel to have an awareness of the dangers, practical training in working safely and dealing with emergencies while working in an aquatic environment.

Course Type:

IS Powerboat & Water Safety

Full Description:

Presentation Content.

• Drowning Statistics

• General outline of common Hazards associated with aquatic environments including:

• Beach & Surf

• Quays, jetties, harbours, bridges

• Boating

• Rivers & Estuaries

• Flooding and fast water

• Reservoirs & Lakes

• Controlled water channels and power stations

• Water Supply Pumping Stations

• Slurry pits, Sewerage Works

• Infections, water borne diseases

• Sun & Hypothermia

• Legal Aspects of Health and Safety

• Personal Safety

• Simple Rescue Techniques and Rescue Equipment

• Personal Flotation Devices


Practical Content.


Basic Life Support (BLS) practice



Entries, movement in water, wading,

Turning from prone to supine and supine to prone

Simple Rescue Techniques, use of safety equipment

Personal Flotation Devices practice.

Assuming HELP and HUDDLE positions.

Minimum Training Hours

The minimum course time for candidates to complete the course is 5 hours.


The candidate subject to continual assessment shall complete practical content to an acceptable standard.

1. BLS

2. Pool


The Water Safety Awareness Award courses will be provided by Irish Water Safety Accredited personnel.