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INS Chaplaincy

INS Chaplaincy

Fr. Desmond Campion, S.D.B., C.F., is the Naval Service Chaplain. He is a Salesian priest and in the 33 years of his Ministry, he has had many roles in different places around the world.


·         Teaching:India, Ireland

·         Financial Controller:Limerick / Dublin

·         Missions:India.

·         Parish:Limerick.

·         Chaplaincy:Dublin (School)

·         Cork (Navy / Prison / Harbour)

·         Germany, Lebanon, Kosovo (Military)


The Spiritual and Moral welfare of the Staff, Students and their Families

The first action any chaplain has to do is to establish a relationship with those with whom he has to work. This relationship can be achieved in some of the following ways:

1.    Meeting students in their various classrooms

2.    Sharing a cup of coffee in the Canteen

3.    Organising Sport and Social outings

4.    Partaking in Discussion Groups

5.    Meeting with people in the Prayer room

6.    Finally to be regularly seen in the complex.

Once this relationship is established and the Staff or Students have confidence in the chaplain then the real work of Chaplaincy begins. The chaplain is now there to share, support, help and guide in the strictest confidence those who come to you for assistance, help and support. Confidentially is one of the most important aspects of a chaplain’s role and it must be guarded and protected at all times. Counselling is a very important role of the chaplain and for this he has to be a very good listener. The chaplain has a vital role to play at a time of bereavement, for he is there for the bereaved, their family and fellow students and staff at a very difficult time in their lives. This is where Religious Services play a vital role in the work of the chaplain. The chaplain may celebrate Mass or other Religious Services at a time of bereavement, on the occasion of various anniversaries and also for no special reason other than the general well-being of those celebrating the Mass of Service.


A good chaplain is a great asset to any establishment and can be very rewarding both for the Chaplain himself and also the establishment.

Contact Information
Fr. Desmond Campion, S.D.B.,C.F.
Naval Base,
Co. Cork.

Tel: 021 - 4378046
Mob: 087 - 2610960
E – Mail: