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Marine Simulation

NMCI is fully equipped with state of the art simulators which are used for training Navigation and Engineering personnel who work on board ships. The simulators are fitted out with instructor stations which allow instructors to control and monitor exercises as well as recording students' performance for analysis later.

Various ship models can be used in different geographic locations with varying environmental conditions in order to create different scenarios for students. Engine models can be connected to ships bridge simulators to simulate realistic on-board operating conditions.

Navigation Simulators

  • 360° full-mission bridge simulator
  • 270° full-mission bridge simulator
  • 3 x auxiliary 150° bridge simulators
  • 12 x NARAS-O/Fleet-work simulators
  • 2 x GMDSS simulator rooms
  • Vessel Traffic System simulator at 3 control positions

Engineering Simulators

  • Full mission Engine Room simulator with low and high speed diesel engine models
  • 20 student workstations for Engine Room systems simulations
  • Liquid cargo handling and damage control simulators at 10 student workstations