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The Engineering Branch Rating is called a Mechanician. Their area of expertise lies in the engineering spaces of the ship and also in the areas of Firefighting and Damage Control. As a Mechanician you will have undergone basic Branch Training in the Technical Training Department of the Naval College (NMCI). When aboard ship you will work with the Petty Officer Mech, and will be responsible for ensuring that all the equipment in the engine room is running efficiently, taking regular readings on vital equipment such as main engines, generators, pumps and purifiers.

Mechanicians under instruction from CPO Gerry Cusack in the engine room

If working with machinery is your thing, then this might be the career option for you. As an Engineering Branch Rating you will become an expert in your own right. The Mechanician is also responsible for fuelling the ship, taking on water in port, the updating and maintenance of the computerized accountancy system used aboard ship and ensuring that sufficient spare parts are sourced and embarked prior to proceeding on patrol.

Course  Prerequisites  Outcome
Mechanician  Group / Intermediate Certificate / Junior Certificate Internal Qualification
5 Weeks
Successful completion of Recruit Training Eligible for promotion to Ordinary Mech O/MECH
6 Weeks
M1 task book successfully completed. Eligible for promotion to Able Mech A/MECH
4 Weeks

M2 task book successfully completed. Auxiliary Watchkeeping Certificate of Competency Awarded.
25 Weeks Training aboard Naval Service Ship 

Eligible for promotion to Leading MechL/MECH*
3 Weeks
M3 course successfully completed.
20 Weeks Training aboard Naval Service Ship as L/Mech
12 Weeks shore based training, (Ship Support Group; Technical Training School & Tech Stores)
Written recommendation of Ships CO and Ships MEO to attend course   
Eligible for promotion to Petty Officer Mech PO/MECH**
2 Weeks
Project Presentation
M4 course successfully completed.
104 Weeks Training aboard Naval Service Ship as PO/Mech
Written recommendation of Divisional Officer to attend course.   
Eligible for promotion to Chief Petty Officer MechCPO/MECH***

*  Dependant on passing out of Potential NCO’s Course and Rank Vacancy
**  Dependant on passing out of Standard NCO’s Course and Rank Vacancy
***  Dependant on passing out of Senior NCO’s Course or Holding of Class 2 Certificate (Group / Intermediate Certificate / Junior Certificate Military equivalent) and Rank Vacancy